Here are the dates of this year's upcoming courses. These will be run by Eastern Region.

More details around location and times will be posted once confirmed.





IRB Driver Development Day for BEGINNER Drivers Sunday 17th July 2022 TBC TBC
Patrol Captains Course Sunday 24th July 2022 TBC TBC
IRB Driver Instructors Clinic (including season briefing) Saturday 13th August 2022 TBC TBC
IRB Drivers Development Day ADVANCED Sunday 14th August 2022 TBC TBC
SLGA Examiners and Instructors Pre-season Briefing Thursday 18th August 2022 7pm Online
IRB Drivers Development Day INTERMEDIATE Sunday 28th August 2022 TBC TBC
Level 1 Surf Officials Award Sunday 28th August 2022 TBC TBC
Surf Lifeguard Instructors Award Saturday 3rd September 2022 TBC TBC
Introduction to Junior Surf Coaching - one day course Saturday 24th September 2022 TBC TBC
Introduction to Junior Surf Coaching - one day course Sunday 25th September 2022 TBC TBC
Rock Training and Rescue Module Saturday 1st October 2022 TBC TBC
Rookies Pre-season Brief Tuesday 18th October 2022 7pm Online
Junior Surf Pre-season Brief Thursday 20th October 2022 7pm Online
Missing Person at Sea (MPAS) Tuesday 25th October 2022 After Work TBC
Missing Person at Sea (MPAS) Thursday 27th October 2022 After Work TBC
BP and COPO Intermediate Lifeguard School 25th - 27th November 2022 TBC TBC
Surf Lifeguard Award and Patrol Support Exams

15th October 2022

12th November 2022

17th December 2022

21st January 2023

11th February 2023


Lifeguard Refresher Courses

All lifeguards must complete a refresher each season to make sure we are up to date, to ‘refresh’ our memory and learn about any changes. This includes both theory and practical courses. Please arrange your practical refresher with your Patrol Captain. 

How to access the Theory Refresher Course

It is best done from a desktop computer or laptop, but can be done from a phone or tablet.

  1. Go to this website
  2. Click on the blue ‘sign in’ button at the top right hand side
  3. Enter your username - this is sls_yourSLSNZnumber; if you don’t know your numberplease contact
  4. Enter your password - this should be your lastname and the number 20, (all lowercase)
  5. Click the blue sign in button
  6. Along the blue menu bar will be ‘Online Learning’, click it and select ‘Sport Tutor’
  7. In the menu at the top, click on ‘My Learning’ The My Learning page should show you what awards you can refresh. Click into it to load – note you might have to click on the ‘Syllabus’ tab next to ‘Description’ – follow on screen instructions once you click into ‘2021-2022 Surf Lifeguard Refresher Online Theory Module’ If you have problems accessing it from home we will make a computer available at the club during refresher sessions to assist you getting logged in.

The password should be your lastname and the number 20 (all lowercase). It is recommended you change your password with the options provided.