Board Fundamentals
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The Board Fundamentals Programme will ensure the under 9 and above Junior Surf participants have the fundamental skills to enjoyably engage in board-related activities later in the season. This will be achieved by building the foundations for the development of more advanced board skills.

By the end of this programme, participants should have increased their confidence around boards and gained the foundation to further develop their board skills.

  • All participants must be registered as a current member of Pāpāmoa's Junior Surf Programme for the coming season
  • 8 years of age or above as of 30th September this year
  • Participants must wear their Junior Surf rashie and are highly encouraged to wear a wetsuit
  • Participants must have a supervising guardian present at all sessions
  • Participants must complete their 200m safety badge (200m unaided pool swim in under 7mins followed by 1min of treading water unaided). This must be achieved at a dedicated PSLSC 200m badge session or under the supervision of a swim squad instructor. Click here for more information.
Session One
Prone (Stomach) Paddling

Date: Sunday 24th October 2021

Time: 2pm - 3pm

Location: Pilot Bay (Mount end)

Session One will focus on:

  • Paddling prone (stomach)
  • Body positioning
  • Pivoting (turning)

In order to enjoy board-related activities participants must know the basics. To achieve this, we will be kicking the programme off at Pilot Bay. By starting in a more controlled environment, participants are able to build their skills and confidence in a low-risk environment.

Session Two
Paddling on Knees

Date: Sunday 31st October 2021

Time: 2pm - 3pm

Location: Pilot Bay (Mount end)

Session Two will focus on:

  • Paddling on knees
  • Body positioning
  • Pivoting (turning)
  • Rolling

Building on session one, participant’s will be introduced to paddling on their knees. This session will be hosted at Pilot Bay. By remaining in a controlled environment, participants will be able to focus on their balance and get an understanding of paddling on their knees without the challenges the surf brings.