Senior Surf Sports
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Our Senior Surf Sport Programme is for under 15 and above athletes. It is broken into summer and winter seasons to keep our lifeguards fit year-round.

The Pāpāmoa SLSC offers professional coaching by our Senior Coach in all surf sports disciplines including swimming, board or ski paddling, canoe (four person) racing and the beach events of sprints and beach flags.

Surf Sports training and competition provides our members with the opportunity to refine and practice their lifesaving skills in the competition arena at local, regional, national and international level. Surf Sports forms a significant component of the surf lifesaving movement and helps Pāpāmoa SLSC recruit and retain quality lifeguards.

​Refining lifesaving skills is an important part of surf lifesaving sport and competitions such as inflatable Rescue Boat (IRB) racing, tube rescues and board rescues are specifically designed to hone a surf lifesaver’s knowledge and skills that they would use in an everyday patrol situation.

Costs & Requirements - Summer Season

Programme cost: $180 

Additional costs:

  • Uniform
  • Gear allocation
  • Carnival fees


  • Surf Lifeguard Award
  • 20 hours minimum patrol through the season
  • Current member of Pāpāmoa SLSC (click REGISTER NOW link above to become a member)​
Summer Training Programme

Block 1

25th September - 7th October 2023

Monday         9am-10.30am 

Tuesday        9am-10.30am  

Wednesday   9am-10.30am 

Thursday       9am-10.30am 

Saturday        9am - 10.30am 

Block 2

9th October - 22nd December 2023

Monday          Beginner Ski       4.15pm - 5pm     
                     Ski                         5pm - 6.30pm 

Tuesday         Board                   5pm - 6.30pm   

Wednesday   Iron                        5pm - 6:30pm 

Thursday       Board                    5pm - 6.30pm 

Friday             Ski                         5pm - 6.30pm 

Saturday        Iron                       9am - 10.30am

Block 3 

4th January - 13th January 2024

Monday         Ski                        9am - 10.30am 

Tuesday        Board                   9am - 10.30am   

Wednesday   Iron                      9am - 10.30am 

Thursday       Board                   9am - 10.30am 

Friday            Ski                         9am - 10.30am 

Saturday        Iron                       9am - 10.30am 

Block 4

15th January - 17th March 2024 

Monday         Ski                        5pm - 6.30pm 

Tuesday        Board                   5pm - 6.30pm   

Wednesday   Iron                      5pm - 6:30pm 

Thursday       Board                   5pm - 6.30pm 

Friday            Club Night            4.15pm - 5pm            

Saturday        Iron                       9am - 10.30am  

Gear Allocation

There will be an allocation process which will be determined by: age, ability, experience, commitment to training, commitment to racing at carnivals, growing in line with the club values.

If you would like to be considered for a club board or ski please complete the gear allocation form and return it to Jake. A Craft Damage and Etiquette Agreement needs to be signed by every athlete regardless of whether they will be using personal or club gear. 

What To Bring
  • Water bottle
  • High vis vest
  • Suitable clothing (active-wear for dry land, wetsuit for ski)
  • Running gear (shoes)
  • Paddle/bung
  • Stopwatch
2023/2024 Carnivals & Events

Click on the image to the left to view a printable 2023/2024 Senior Surf Sports Carnivals and Events Calendar.

More information on upcoming carnivals and events can also be found on the SLSNZ website - CLICK HERE.





If you have any questions regarding the programmes, please email

Participants of the programme - please sign up to the Senior Surf Sports Facebook Group Page for regular updates.