Keep safe at the beach this summer

14 Dec

Keep yourself and your whanau safe at the beach this summer

With the warmer weather we are seeing more people heading to our beaches. As we move towards summer, we’d like to remind people to be prepared, know the risks, and watch out for yourself and others. 

Underestimating the risks and overestimating ability are the biggest mistakes people make when they’re in the water. Please take the time to read and take on board these key safety messages: 

  • Swim between the flags – this is the safest place to swim and our lifeguards always have eyes on this area.
  • Be aware of the dangers – check for rips and currents, snags and rocks.
  • Chat to lifeguards - we’re more than happy to point out dangers or give advice.
  • Keep children within arm’s reach when in the water - adults, not older children or teenagers, should always supervise children around water. 
  • Know your limits –, don’t over estimate your ability or under estimate the conditions - if in doubt, stay out.
  • Don’t swim alone – remember you will never be able to swim in the ocean as well as in a pool and cold water will make you tired.
  • Relax, Raise and Ride - if you find yourself caught in a rip, Relax and float to conserve your energy, Raise your hand to signal for assistance, Ride the rip until it stops and you can make your way back to shore
  • Be sun smart – and stay hydrated.
  • Dial 111 – if in trouble and there are no lifeguards around, the Police have a direct line to call our lifeguard squads.